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At Touni Orthodontics of Silicon Valley CA, we have what it takes to simplify your orthodontic care

Touni Orthodontics - Empty Waiting Room

Zero waiting time

We understand that your time is valuable, hence we put effort to get the latest scheduling tools. Our staff will take the time to save your time.

Touni Orthodontics - Affordable Care Policy

Affordable care

We are proud to serve the Bay area with standard of care that is affordable to families. Please contact us and we can let you know our fees.

touni orthodontics Advanced Technology Image

Latest Technology

We have the latest imaging system in the office and we decided to go further. Now you can book appointments and get reminders all from your phone.



Dr. Touni - Orthodontist - safety measure - Sterisil Straw

sterisil straw v2

The new Sterisil Straw V2 eliminates the hassle of dropping daily tablets in our water and provides worry-free waterline disinfection for 365 days!  As an added bonus, the Straw has a built-in shock treatment which releases automatically to kill preexisting bacteria. 

Dr. Touni - Orthodontist - safety measure - Safe Flow Saliva


The Safe-Flo™ Saliva Ejector is made up of a flexible aspirator tip and a one-way check valve designed to prevent back flow from the suction line.

  • Disposable saliva ejectors prevent cross contamination
  • Flexible tip retains its shape when you bend it
Dr. Touni - Orthodontistmocom sterilizer - futura

Mocom Sterilizer - B Futura

The "intelligent" sterilizer that provides our Orthodontic practice  with a truly indispensable tool. Only years of research and experience can produce such an exceptional reult: a product that is high-performance, a "B", a hospital grade sterilizer.